Are ideas more important than execution? (this pic changed my mind)

There are endless posts around the web warning you that execution is all that matters.

They’re wrong.

Imagine this. You come up with what you think is a great idea. A 7 headed toothbrush. You’re not the sharpest guy around, but you’ve not had much experience with this stuff before. However, you’re convinced you’re onto a winning idea.

You’ve also heard that “execution is all that matters”, so you set to work designing and building this dream product…

You sit back, exhausted, and marvel at your new creation.

You set about marketing your new monstrosity creation.

Things are slow, and you don’t make many sales. You know it must something you’re doing wrong. You try more and more traffic sources. You work 14 hours a day trying to catch the lucky break you know the product deserves.

But it never quite happens for you.

So many websites are trying to push me-too concepts. They’ve got no strong USP. And they’re drowning.

And I’m just not talking about shallow ideas like 7 headed toothbrushs. For example, “build a space-station” is obviously a very cool idea. And there’s tons of revenue opportunities there. But it’s lacking of any implementation details.

The key is not execution.

It’s not ideas either, for that matter.

It’s the combination of the two.