Affiliate Ipsum – Unlimited Free Content

After years of training monkeys to type, we’ve finally taught enough to release a free web API that you can use.

Simply enter in your keyword and it will immediately be sent to one of our team, who will write an article for you and find you images.

For a limited time, you’ll get free links to Amazon scattered into the content with rich anchor text.

Please note that this has been made available as a trial – and as such if the monkeys get too agitated we may have to pull the experiment.

Seriously though…

Every time you push the ‘Submit’ button, you’ll get a random article. What happens (in a nutshell) is the script collects suggested keywords, then adds them to a list of Ipsum words – and makes sentences. Here’s some facts about Affiliate Ipsum:

  • Articles are randomly made with every ‘submit’.
  • The pictures all link back to their original source.
  • The links point to Amazon search pages (I couldn’t really use my affiliate link!)
  • The headline is created seperately and randomly.

You may find Affiliate Ipsum a nice tool to test what images and links will look like on your site.

Affiliate Ipsum has been made completely in Javascript/Jquery (and html/css), so it runs completely in the browser.

No Monkeys were harmed in the creation of Affiliate Ipsum